Essential First Marketing Steps for New Business

first marketing steps

Are you interested in, or already involved in the process of building a new business? Alongside creating and introducing a valuable product or service to the public comes the responsibility of marketing your business to connect with consumers and help your company’s vision become a reality. A company’s potential is only as strong as it’s marketing strategy. That being said, there are a handful of first marketing steps that we consider absolutely essential to any growing business.


“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…” A popular phrase that continues to hold its meaning in relation to people..but in business? Branding plays an integral part in converting prospects to clients. In a sense, a company’s logo is their first impression – something you only get one shot at. Your company’s logo should be created by a professional known for producing quality work, and be supported by strategic planning that relates the design to your product or service.

Functional Website

A company’s website is their main attraction as far as web presence is concerned. That’s a big deal. Whether someone is seeking out more information about your product, the company in general, or contacting you, your website is more than likely where they’ll first land. Functionality is key here. While complex and intensely interactive webpages can be a plus, sacrificing load time or compromising media in the name of flash is not recommended. Finding the perfect balance between interactivity and functionality while maintaining your marketing plan’s strategy is a sure fire path to creating the optimal website for your business and brand.

Social Media

In the technological era that we live in, information and communication have become innately accessible. Anyone in the world with access to a computer can quickly review a company’s selling points, initiatives and even their personal voice. By creating and managing a personality on social media outlets, businesses give themselves avenues of directly connecting with their consumers. Prospective and current customers utilize tools like Facebook and Twitter to review, shop, and ask questions, making the active maintenance of these social profiles a key to influencing publics and expanding business.

E-mail Marketing

“E-mail marketing?” you might be asking yourself. Yes – e-mail marketing. A final addition to our list of essential first marketing steps, e-mail marketing is still as alive as ever. Not only does this medium of communication allow regular contact and influence upon your most targeted market, but it also allows you to aggregate consumer data over time. E-mail list subscriptions do well to ask for birthdays, location, and gender of those who sign up as these figures will help to further define your audience while also showing which segments of your target market are most responsive.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and connect with professionals to strategize and build your marketing plan by implementing these essential first marketing steps for new businesses.