REM Miami Social Media Trends for 2015

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A new year is upon us, and with it comes new business challenges and opportunities. As a Miami social media agency, we at REM understand that social media provides big and small businesses with chances to connect with new prospects, improve conversion rates and bolster existing relationships. Online based B2C communication has become an integral factor in the success of businesses in today’s tech-savvy culture. So much so in fact, that consumers almost equate the online profiles of businesses with those of their friends and family. Your business’s Facebook, Twitter, Google + or other landing page is highly regarded as the most personal connection point available to anyone on the other side of your inner workings’ veil. That being said, let us examine methods for fine tuning your social media practices and suggest an affordable solution in the form of a Miami social media marketing agency.

miami social media

Balance Your Posts 

While it is safe to assume that your social media followers are interested in what your business has to offer, it is even safer to assume that their interests do not end there. When deciding on what content to share on your social channels, try to create a ratio of posts that focus on adjacent content. Four out of five times, you want to post information that will be relevant to your brand and customers. Save that other 20 percent of your sharing to promote what’s really important to your business and bottom line. Your followers will appreciate the adjacent content, thereby driving interaction and helping your online voice to avoid taking on the persona of a pushy car salesman.

Create Content

Simply said but not so easily accomplished, creating content is a major factor in gaining and keeping the attention of prospective and current audience members. Provide people with the answers they need regarding a topic you are (or want to become) the authority on. Blogging is an especially useful way of creating content as it provides collateral for all of your social platforms while creating virtual avenues leading to your landing pages and hopefully, revenue!

Dominate Social Real Estate

Social media real estate can be thought of as the space your posts occupy as well as their interactivity within that space. Many social media practitioners recommend using at least some type of imagery for each piece of content shared. The visual weight of photos will greatly increase the likelihood of wandering eyes finding your posts. Videos are also especially useful in attracting otherwise inattentive eyes – especially true for autoplay enabled platforms such as Facebook.

miami social media

Find Your Optimal Timing

Simply put, the goal of social media is to bolster your business through compelling information that is presented to the largest and loyalest faction of your audience. In order to accomplish this, a certain frequency of sharing is necessary, but it is imperative that you don’t over-share and drive away your audience. Finding the time of day in which your posts receive maximum attention and interaction using various platforms’ analytics tools or external tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social will help avoid the pitfalls of poor social timing and frequency.

Engage Your Followers

You’ve found balance in your sharing, created content that supports your business goals and customer’s mindset, incorporated visuals to expand your social real estate and found the optimal post times for each of your platforms. Now what? Perhaps the most important aspect of social media management, and easiest, is to engage your followers! Reply to messages, tweets and comments, like other’s posts, offer insight where applicable and even follow influential and especially loyal socialites. There is nothing like a (even semi-) personal response from a business that you care about. Follower engagement will go a long way in the future of social media.


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