How a First Impression Can “Make or Break” Your Online Business


It used to be years ago that a nice office space with a few strategically placed potted plants and a well dressed reception area could position your business as professional. Today, while the first impression still rings true as a differentiator between amateurs and those “in the know”, chances are there is no need for potted plants because the majority of your office space is on a computer screen. It’s true, as more and more businesses take the leap from bricks and mortar to the online marketplace, the first impression shifts as well. What does that mean? Simply that despite your stellar products and services, you had better make certain your webpage is up to speed visually if you want to legitimize your business. Here’s how a first impression can “make” or “break” your online business.

Clean, Streamline and Easy to Navigate is Inviting
Have you ever had the unfortunate occurrence to stumble upon a website that has so much going on that you instantly feel dizzy? There’s a reason why the most successful online businesses choose professionals to design their online space- they know what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, too many colors, too much movement and too many places to click can drive potential business away as visitors will quickly leave your page in search of something a little less chaotic. A clean, easy to read and easy to navigate site is inviting, and one that visitors enjoy.

The Value of Professional Content
In the world of online business, “content” refers to the written word. It doesn’t matter if it’s introductory speech, product descriptions or simply advice on how to garden, anything on your webpage is content. The point is, content simply must be good. No, it must be great to succeed. Remember, you don’t have your winning smile and baby blues to flash at your customer. And you can’t strike up a conversation because they are wearing your favorite team logo when they enter your store. Rather, you have to grab their attention- and hold it- with written word. It’s not an easy thing to do and precisely why so many people choose to hire a professional content writer. Besides, nothing screams amateur faster than a misspelled word or two. And if you can’t spell, how are you ever going to create consumer confidence in using your products or services?

The “Look and Feel” Factor
So what’s the bottom line? There’s a “look and feel” factor with online businesses that many successful entrepreneurs have learned while many others have not. The online marketplace is a tricky field to navigate, and securing the help of professionals to ensure your visual first impression is top notch is simply a smart strategy for success. Chances are, you’re great at what you do. Don’t let an unprofessional first impression prevent your business from exceeding even your own expectations when you can easily secure the help of skilled experts. Trust the expertise of a professional team like REM Creative Group and put your best “first impression” foot forward.